These Pictures Perfectly Capture What It Means To Be Totally Trashy!

Whether it’s wearing your fuzzy bunny slippers and housecoat to Walmart or wearing jeans so distressed and ripped up that they’re hanging off your hips, people can encapsulate the trashy vibe in a multitude of ways.

For truly cringe-worthy behavior, check out these 24 examples of just how trashy some people are willing to be!

#24 The walking, talking, breathing, living porn magazine
First off – where do you even get a shirt like this? Second off – who has the courage to actually wear it outside the house?

Actually, you know what? Never mind. We don’t want the answers to those questions…

#23 That is something that definitely needs to be in the trash and is quite the opposite of classy

#22 Well, to each their own they say but this is really not flattering

#21 Here is a nice trashy surprise! The message comes through loud and clear

#20 Um, excuse me miss, but you’re pants just split at the butt

#19 It is never too early to start drinking, according to this drunk lady

#18 Well, the tattoo is pretty accurate but does that make it any less trashy?

#17 What a stupid thing to do but we guess that they learned from their mistakes

#16 What the hell did we just see?

#15 Nice trashy try there but clearly she did not realize her blunder

#14 Is it just us or does he look like a boy who should be doing homework instead of searching for butts?

#13 When you have nothing to do but wait at the tube. Looks like someone wanted to clarify things.

#12 This is what is being referred to as ‘trashy with a twist’

#11 What is up with people wanting to tattoo their own faces on themselves?

#10 Too much trash and way too trashy, don’t you think?

#9 Just what you need to see with all the violence that is happening

#8 Is it a secret garbage dump? Or a functional car?

#7 When you crawl out of bed and into Walmart

#6 So they could not find an incense stand so they used the mac and cheese

#5 No, just no. The trashiest display of a beautiful car brand

#4 The beauty trends and standards just get weirder and weirder

#3 A t-shirt which is sure to make everyone stop and stare

#2 So what do you guys think about the penis ‘tears’?

#1 Well, that is one heck of a couple’s outfit

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