Funny Photos Proving That Life Can Troll You Anytime

Never expect too much from life because sometimes life can troll you real bad and it will hurt you . So, here we are again to prove it to you that life can troll you anytime, we have 12 photos to prove it. Read the article to know how!

1. How difficult it would be to turn it around?

This is the seriously the worst thing that could happen, to turn around a truck of this size we will need God himself to come down and help us out.

2. What’s the next plan?

First part of the plan: find water, Second part of the plan: not with your car you idiots!

3. Hats off

Seriously, hats off to the guy who took this photograph instead of blowing out the fire. Or probably it’s not his car.

4. Why this never happened with me?

If something like this happens to you then it’s safe to assume that God hates you from the bottom of his holly heart!

5. I don’t want to live on this planet after seeing this.

All you want is some happiness, then this happens! So depressing to that your favorite cup cake arrives this way!

7. Well, that’s miserable.

Hahaha surely not a good day for this guy! This dude learned something new about sunbathing today!

8. I am confused about this.

I really don’t get it what’s going on!

9. I feel pity for the girls, really.

When you gotta bad stomach, remember: NEVER JUMP!!!

10. Who’d dare to take this one for a ride?

Bees be like, now we dare you to ride this cycle bitch!

11. When you wanna eat healthy food, but so does this larva! This very disgusting.

12. When life lets you know this is gonna be your worst day, if you don’t keep your eyes open.

A good start to a bad day indeed!

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