15+ People Whom Fortune Didn’t Favor at All

Mom, I met the President.

Happy birthday, Sonnyyyy!

A fascinating journey into the bushes is going to start in 3…2…1.

The winners of the “Worst Face Switch” competition

She could be good at advertising on TV shopping channels.

Mmm, now with a new taste of paper and cellophane!

Fire birthday party!

When the autosave function in the settings is at a minimum:

When even the restaurant is hinting at cutting back on eating fast food:

I don’t even know who feels more awkward at this moment.

This lady kindly agreed to take our photo. Thanks.

If life gives you a lemon, make lemonade. Damn it!

Hey, how dare you, Mr. Cormorant?!

Both brothers won the lottery on the same day.

It seems the tumble dryer has overdried my clothes a bit.