16 Reasons Why Kids Can’t Be Left Alone With Their Dads

What’s the point in having a child if you can’t have a little fun at their expense? That’s what dads everywhere have thought for years, embarrassing their children whenever they can. Excellent places to reveal amazing baby photos:

While their prom date waits in the living room
Any time during the wedding
Just before their first child is born
What harm can really come of a few child-fruit comparisons or a vacuumed pony tail or two. You can tell the dads on this list really care about their children, even if they do make them look ridiculous.

If you think your dad is bad, just wait until you see some of the ones on this list. Let’s take a look at some of the best dad-pranks of all time:

One way to stop him from running around while you watch TV. Just hope he doesn’t have to go to the bathroom.

Did you really expect me to not make a helmet out of the watermelon rind? That would just be silly.

Dad is really trying to get on board with this organization thing. You can never have too much information.

Joe Rogan really is the best Halloween costume for any age, Dad’s just looking out for his kid.

It’s picture day tomorrow and the mom said they need to look their best. It washes out in a month or so – or, at least I hope it does.

Whole new meaning to the term “Young money”. This kid actually looks awesome, right down to the brand new Milwaukee Brewers hat.

If you want a swing, I’ll give you a swing. Why is his shirt off though – those are going to be nasty rope burns.

So how did the kid get stuck in the toilet in the first place? That is one high quality plunger. Dad makes sure to only buy the best.

I think he may have gone a little overboard in making his kid look like an old man for school. Right down to the pimp cane.

Just a bit older and she’d be able to speak up for herself and the situation. For now she must ride in shame. Dads, check your cracks before you have to pay for therapy down the line.

If they don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy. A perfect solution to the always-difficult ponytail problem.

“Well she asked for her hair in a bun. What else was I supposed to do?” The best of both worlds, effective and punny.

Garth from Wayne’s World has been reborn, and he comes in the form of a young boy left with his dad for too long. “You kiss your mother with that mouth?”

Getting his vitamins while watching the kid. I’m not even sure which is the baby and which is the kiwi.

She would only fall asleep in this position. What do you expect him to do, not eat cake off her back? Well then why did you leave cake in the house?

He used to have a problem with having to watch his son while he crawled around the room. That problem is now vanquished. It’s really that easy folks.