16 Photos That Were Captured At The Perfect Moment

Bored Panda, a “leading art, design and photography community for creative people,” has compiled several photographs that have captured forthcoming accidents. This has all been captured as a result of good timing. When taking photographs of motions or movements, timing is everything.

Some of the photos could be funny to some, while others not so much. No matter the case, it is unique to capture forthcoming accidents or mishaps that people are about to have all in one photograph.

Some of these photographs are extremely hard to recreate, which is why timing is everything when it comes to capturing them. The cameras that are available today are a lot better at capturing these photographs than the ones back then. Cameras are unique devices to capture these movements, as there are various settings that you could set your camera to in order to effectively catch them. For some, the timing is what gets them the perfect photo, not the settings.

1. This photo captures a dog lifting its leg over a woman’s head, and it looks like the dog is about to do its business.

2. The second photo is one of a girl on the beach sitting in the sand. The forthcoming accident that is captured perfectly is the wave over her head.

3. The third photo is a man rock climbing. When his glasses fell off, the photographer caught the glasses perfectly still falling towards the ground.

4. The fourth photo is of a man, and in the background, several women are seen having a conversation, while one is caught in mid air about to fall into the pool.

5. This photo is of a woman looking out into the water, and it appears that a large wave is coming towards her. How she appears so calm and relaxed is perplexing.

6. This photo captures a rather excited girl pointing at a duck, but the forthcoming accident appears to be that the duck is going to bite her index finger. Ouch.

7. This photo hilariously captures a woman and her dog, and the dog is captured throwing up. The puking is captured perfectly in mid air. Gross, but perfect timing.

8. This photo shows a boy’s front bicycle wheel falling off. The end result after this photograph was taken was probably not a good one.

9. This photo captures the exact moment an unsuspecting woman falls from her bicycle, capturing her in mid-air after the wheel got caught on the road. We wouldn’t wish this on our worst enemy.

10. This photo captures a group of men watching one of their friends jump into the water. By the look of the photo, it seems like the man jumping into the water is break dancing.

11. This photo captures a woman holding a four-leaf clover while her boyfriend throws a Frisbee at her. What are the odds and the chances of this?

12. This photo captures a girl and a boy hugging, but the girl is seen knocking the boy’s drink down with her elbow. We have to admit, the end result is pretty cool.

13. This photo captures the very moment before a dog ate a rather delicious-looking cupcake, something it was probably not supposed to eat. Let’s hope its owner wasn’t looking.

14. This photo captures what appears to be a mother and father running towards land, but what happened to the swinging children next remains a mystery.

15. This photo captured a cat rummaging through valuables while a woman is trying to get the cat down to avoid a potential disaster. It makes you wonder what happened seconds after this was taken.

16. This picture of two furry little orange cats was taken at the exact moment that their tails came together to form the shape of a heart. And who said that cats are evil? There’s nothing but love in this photo!