Groom Starts Dancing Alone, Crowd Erupts When Brides Comes Out In Different Dress

The first formal dance between a bride and groom is not only a tender moment for the newlyweds, it also warms up the dance floor for all of the guests to boogie on throughout the night. High school sweethearts, Trent and Annalisa Brookshier, managed to get their family and friends’ toes tapping early when they surprised them with a first dance that strayed from convention.

After dating for 8 years, Trent and Annalisa finally tied the knot on June 30th, 2012, and made quite the entrance to do so. Guests quickly became aware that this wasn’t your typical wedding as the couple decided to swap out the organs for something that felt a little more reflective of their relationship. Like a scene right out of a musical, Trent kicked off the ceremony by performing a choreographed dance and lip sync to Glee’s rendition of Bruno Mars’ Marry You alongside a very game wedding party.

However, this wasn’t the only surprise the newlyweds had in store for their guests. Instead of the traditional first dance, Trent and Annalisa decided that a slow song just wasn’t their pace. The couple made a quick outfit change and set the dance floor ablaze by performing a choreographed dance to Blake Shelton’s cover of the hit song Footloose, as created for the 2011 remake.

Trent opened up the floor by showing off his impressive array of dance skills, but the crowd truly went wild when Annalisa made her way in wearing a more dance-able gown paired with cowboy boots. The two were all smiles as they landed each ambitious move with precision and jubilance before waving in their guests to help them finish off the song.

Annalisa works as a photographer and the music choice was an ode to one of her accomplishments, which included shooting Blake Shelton’s wedding to Miranda Lambert. “I still don’t know how I got so lucky,” Trent wrote on his website with a section dedicated to his wedding. “This is the most amazing woman in the whole world and I couldn’t be more blessed to call her my wife.”

Trent uploaded footage of his wedding’s musical surprises to his YouTube page, TobyBlue Wolf, almost a year after the big day and they were quick to win over the Internet. Since being uploaded in 2013, Trent and Annalisa’s now viral first dance to Footloose has managed to amass over 5 million views and counting. Every couple wants their wedding to be a memorable experience for not just them, but their friends and family, and these two pulled off something unforgettable.